Shop Organization – Pliers Holder

I am in the process of reworking the storage on my shelving end cap.  One of the things I really wanted to put there were some of my commonly used pliers and cutters.  I had been using just a standard magnetic tool holder from Harbor Freight, but I wanted a cleaner look, higher storage density, and the ability to easily tell if something wasn’t put away.   After several iterations, here is what I came up with

I took my standard magnetic bar, and epoxied it to a ‘L’ shaped sheet metal shelf.  Below the magnet, I fastened a length of T-track.  A series of hex bolts in the T-track provide an easily adjustable slot for each of the wrenches, preventing them from flopping sideways.  The larger wrenches rest on the bottom of the shelf, and the smaller ones are light enough that the magnet holds them securely.

I have been quite pleased with how this has worked out.  The pliers are easy to grab, and it is easy to see if one hasn’t been returned to its proper place.  Currently I have 16 pairs of pliers using 17″ of wall space.  I did all of the bending using the crappy $39 bending brake from Harbor Freight, so the bends are not as crisp and even as I would have liked.

I have a few ideas for improvements that I will incorporate into the next one I build, but even as is, I am happy with it.




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